May 6, 2019

Lions have been a recognizable symbol of strength, dominance, and nobility for thousands of years.  In this initial Volund collection, the lions look calmly upon the wearer, bestowing upon them their grace and status.

In addition to animal symbolism, alchemical influences permeate this set. Alchemists often used both feminine and masculine aspects of the lion family as symbols—the lion and the lioness. Together, these represent the duality of nature: strength and yielding, power and creed, acid and base. 

Golden Gryphon by Volund - a sculpture of a mythical beast of Gold and Ammolite
Lioness ring by Volund - the Lioness wears a crown of precious gems to signify her lofty status as the chief huntress for her pride
Lioness bracelet by Volund - featuring two lioness heads with emerald eyes and collars of diamonds, crowning a gold rope bangle

Lions also symbolise rejuvenation.  The jewelled pieces with their precious metals and stones represent this final stage of purification—perfection of nature through skilled artistry.

Lions collection is the beginning of the book of Volund. Its universal symbols greet the owners and onlookers alike, beckoning them to explore the transcendent aspects of our world, the sacred geometry of man and nature. We invite you to partake of our mysteries.

Lioness pendant by Volund - featuring a reclining huntress on the branch of a tree