Origins of Volund


January 1, 2019

An affinity for jewellery design runs in Nick Koss’ blood.  His ancestors, master jewellers to the Imperial Russian Court, spent their days crafting beautiful pieces for the Tsars.  And it is this artistic heritage that Koss brings to the wonders of Volund Jewellery. But it took a transformative life event for Koss to embrace his birthright.

In his former career in the world of finance, Koss found success without fulfillment.  “I felt lost,” he states.   “Money and stability shackled me to a profession that held no inner joy, no long-term purpose.” Fortunately, spiritual change came from an unexpected source.  For several years, Koss had been working on decoding an ancient text shrouded in mystery, known as The Triangular Book of Count of St. Germain.  When he finally solved the cipher, it led him to a magical ritual performed during a solar eclipse.

“It may seem crazy, but something inside told me I needed follow the trail to the end and find out what this mysterious procedure could do.”  Curiosity brought him to the Nevada desert, where in the middle of the burning summer heat, he performed the ceremony exactly as the enigmatic book described.  Koss relates: “I vaguely remember walking back to civilisation afterwards, exhausted and dehydrated.  I kept stumbling towards a glittering object I saw from a distance, not knowing what to expect.”  By coincidence or, as Koss maintains, because of the ritual, he discovered a cache of gold.

Schongauer - A Censer
Schongauer - Ornament with Owl
Schongauer - Thistle Ornament

Thinking back to his forefathers’ achievements, he decided to continue the family legacy and pursue the art of fine jewellery.  A few years later he debuted the Lions collection using the found treasure.  “Finding that gold was the defining moment for me,” Koss says.  “Something was calling me to join my efforts with those of my ancestors and engage in work with true spiritual meaning.”  Koss adopted the alias of Volund to symbolise being reborn into the world of art, myth, and elegance.

Coincidences continued to follow and Volund soon obtained the patronage of several noble families in the Middle East and Europe.  “I became preoccupied with the timelessness of Art, the union of the past and the future, and the wonder of the spiritual world that permeates our lives,” Volund explains.  “I wanted to create beauty and encourage people to seek their own adventure, unravel mysteries, and leave a legacy.”

Volund creates both his own collections and—for selected clients—bespoke pieces.  He calls his creations numinous, as they inspire awe and radiate power, like spiritual reliquaries or enchanted objects from legends.  Bespoke jewels require in-person meetings and lengthy discussions about passions, aspirations, and achievements.  Volund transmutes these abstract yet intimate elements into timeless creations.

Like any good artist, Volund will not rush his creations.  Depending on how complicated the jewel is, the creative process may span five months or more.  If it is a suite, delivered one piece at a time, it can take years. “Part of the delight for my loyal clients is the exhilaration they feel knowing each new piece will be more exquisite than the last”.

Schongauer - Shield with Wings
Schongauer - The Eagle of St John