Finest Bespoke Jewelry


June 6, 2019

Where can I find the finest bespoke jewelry? Who can create the best engagement or wedding rings, or a custom masterpiece for a special occasion? Can I portray my desire, love, and passion through statement jewellery? Which designer will understand what makes me unique?

We often hear these types of questions. The answer may be Volund, as long as the clients understand themselves and us. Because true bespoke is even rarer than it seems…


Many jewelry brands and stores offer custom design. This in itself is not unique, and most often it does not produce what it claims. 

Bespoke creation, be it designer jewelry, objet d’art, or any other precious adornment for the body or space, is unique. It is made just for you, from start to finish. Putting together pre-made elements is not bespoke – it is a poor imitation. Copying an existing design is not bespoke nor artistic nor ethical. Even changing existing elements slightly is not bespoke. It may be custom, it may be fun, but you miss out on the luxury of the true fine jewellery experience.

Sapphire and Diamond earrings by Volund - transforming beauty

Trust is a big part about bespoke jewellery. A client trusts Volund to create for them. They do not dictate nor micromanage; they desire the style we posses and the mysteries of our art. Volund trust its clients to be honest and respect our creations and methods. Both sides act with emotion and energy that goes into manifesting theses numinous jewels.

Whether we are creating diamond earrings with sapphire accents that transform from minimalistic to extravagant through a simple touch, or a gold pendant that embodies their tranquil state through an ancient symbol, or an emerald set that speaks of your heritage – all these sublimate in the alchemical cauldron of Volund and client.

Volund, the Norse god and goldsmith, exists in the world of myth and legend. And so with its creations: inspired by something beyond the human world and imbued with a touch of divine, these pieces of jewellery go beyond precious and artistic. They resonate with spirit and inspire awe.

Volund is not for everyone. We say no to more people than we say yes. We interview the prospective jewelry buyers before deciding whether to initiate them into our mysteries. We create only unique pieces, taking time to shape the timeless. And in doing so, Volund sets itself apart as the maker of the finest bespoke jewelry.

Thistle Ring by Volund - a study in gentleness and firmness
Emerald set by Volund - earrings and pendant - refined delicacy
Arrow Pendant by Volund - gouache - passion and beauty