Creation of Fine Jewellery

Behind The Scenes

February 2, 2019

Creation of true fine jewelry is a treasured and mysterious art. In the modern times, where profit margins control the minds of even the best brands, real luxury is rare. It requires patience, attention to detail to the point of obsession, mastery of art and craft, and a touch of madness.

Volund always had one foot in this world and another in the realm of myth and legend. The inspiration comes from the other side and connects with the person through their desires, hopes, and aspirations. 

The inspiration comes at its own behest and can leave just as quick. The artist, a conduit between this world and the other, has mere minutes to capture the vision in sketches. 

This part cannot be forced nor put on schedule. For Volund, it comes from certain spiritual practices, handed down in secret from generation to generation. Revered and admired, they open the gateway to the world of wonder, even if for a brief moment.

Lion cufflinks by Volund - double sided jewels with gold and diamonds

Once the idea springs into life, it needs to be refined, tested, examined. From the flow of metal to the luster and shine of stones to the balance and texture of the overall piece, all aspects need to find their harmony. The dream makes its way to reality, its spirit dictating the shaping of the body.

From sketch to gouache drawing to endless trials in wax and metal, the creation makes its way to the talented goldsmith and gemstone setter. Here, the mastery of technology come to aid and realise perfection beyond human hand. Yet, the individual nature of this craft keeps the quintessential human aspect alive.

Iemanja ring by Volund - Paraiba, rubies, and diamonds dance in a carnival of sensuality
Ulf cufflinks by Volund - Gold sculptured wolf and acorn in 18k with diamonds
Gray Wolf - majestic predator and protector

Fine jewelry creation is a unique art. Jewelry buyers with sophistication understand that luxury goes beyond price and brand. The most exclusive high end designers understand how to work with the ephemeral aspects that animates the jewel – and embody the glittering wonder with meaning and power. And in doing so, they transform the beautiful into the numinous.